Abuntex.  A necessity, not an accessory.

 Accelerate communication and workflow

 The challenge is to exchange data and share information and to remove unnecessary duplication and costs.

  • Accelerate communications through timely notification of  new jobs and requests for additionals.
  • Increase productivity and repair throughput by enabling faster authorisation.
  • Reduce costs. 
  • Keep claimants involved and informed where appropriate.



Abuntex is a unique web-based platform specifically designed to  accommodate all of the activities that take place along the claims journey.
It’s built on industry standards, employing established protocols and proven technologies.  Hosted centrally by Audatex, Abuntex is at the heart of a portfolio of  services. It’s flexible, scalable and securely-designed to  help you keep pace with the demands   of tomorrow.  



                                             Remove the obstacles that stand in the way of progress and profits.

Abuntex provides everything you would expect from a solution created to meet the data-intensive needs of the claims industry: - Security,

Inter–operability between services, as well as a centralised storage, archiving and retrieval.

All customer data is held centrally, this removes the cost, time and risk associated with local data storage, back-up and maintenance.
As a common platform, Abuntex gives you the capability to streamline operations by automating time-consuming processes and 
improving workflow management.

Giving your business intelligence a boost by increasing the visibility of claims data across your entire process.
Experience the benefits of closer integration with supply chain partners by adopting a shared platform.
Abuntex provides multi-user access to your own assessment data.

KISS - Ease of Use

Abuntex has a Microsoft Windows style interface with a familiar look and feel that reduces the learning curve for users.
The ability to organise work in folders, to highlight new or changed jobs, work in progress and identify unread mail,
advanced search facility is
also available all ensure efficient operation of the system and the workflow processes.
Abuntex offers a streamlined send/validate/calculate process.
Both estimate processing and authorisation communication,
are rapid -
designed to help you 
reduce claims
cycle times and increase repair throughput.

Estimate Reports

Abuntex features version comparison reports of assessments done.These version comparisons clearly highlight differences,
between assessments as the
job progresses, enabling more efficient reviews and 
An event log shows both version history and communication history of a specific job.


A platform to build on

Abuntex, a platform that enables a modular approach,allowing you to plug in additional modules and capabilities as and when  you need them.
Choose to add further Audatex services when and where they can benefit your business.
Abuntex is accessible by all parties in the supply chain, making it the basis for a complete range of services that support the whole claims process.
From claim notification, through instruction and scheduling of assessor or repair resources, to repair estimating and tracking,
management information,and final settlement.
Abuntex provides a secure, comprehensive platform that offers the flexibility of choice and the scalability to grow with your business.
Audatex is dedicated to developing Abuntex and the services it supports in line with the evolving needs of our customers.









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