We offer 2 types of training ;

 The full Abuntex basic course, which is a pre-requisit to the refresher or the Shift into HIgher Gear conversion course. 

The Abuntex Basic Training Course

The Basic training Course is held over 3 consecutive days and consists of the following:

  • The Audatex Concept.
  • Different Repair Methods (codesE,I,N,L,P,V,U,H,R,S) used,as well as their different modification codes.
  • The different sections of the model sheets used for identifying the damage to the vehicle.
  • How to interpret the printed quote.
  • Data capture training.

The Basic Training courses is held in Midrand, Johannesburg.  Cape Town and Durban courses are held on demand.

Refresher Training

These courses are held on demand.  The course covers the following topics :

  • Capturing both a graphic & manual quote.
  • Phantom quotes
  • Review of the different repair methods along with their modification codes.
  • Additional repair methods and partial repairs
  • New features on the system

Please call us on 011 2652300 or email us on for a course schedule and more info.




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